Daman & Diu

Daman & Diu they are one of the most popular union territories in India. Daman is like a feral cousin of Diu which features wild sights and is no less than a tropical paradise. Daman is all about Portuguese churches and ancient forts while Dui at the same time serves as a refreshing halt to unplug one’s self. It has remarkable architectural landmarks which include churches, sea facing forts and sandy strips. Daman & Diu together are charming destinations of India which call tourists round the year. Both the places reflect Portuguese history in its best form and thus are one among the most alluring travel destinations of India. Daman & Diu are basically two small enclaves of western India which are well known for their architectural beauty and Portuguese history. If you best want to discover the beauty of Daman & Diu avail Daman & Diu Tours.

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