Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a major tourists’ destination of India. Andhra Pradesh is a state that offers an all-round holidaying experience. It has beaches, forests, magnificent temples, hills and many more such attractions. It is quite interesting to know that Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state of India area wise and fifth largest in terms of population.

Politically also Andhra Pradesh is a prominent state. And its prominence well evident in the up-to-date tourist facilities made available there by the state as well as central government. Andhra Pradesh shares border with five other states of India. In the north it has Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Odisha as its neighbor. Tamil Nadu lies across the south border and Karnataka across the west border of Andhra Pradesh. And in the east Andhra Pradesh has a coast line of the Bay of Bengal Sea.

Andhra Pradesh Tours are best enjoyed in the peak of the winter season of India that is from November to January. Andhra Pradesh has a tropical climate, so it never experiences extremely cold winters and hence the weather in the winter season is the best to enjoy all types of activities there.

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