Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the name itself is the proof of its pristine beauty. The name translates into “bosom of snow”. Yes, Himachal Pradesh is situated in the lap of great Himalayas. The snowcapped mountains in Himachal Pradesh have always been of exclusive attraction for both the national and international tourists of India.

Being the abode of Himalayan Mountains, it is clear that Himachal Pradesh lies in the northern region of India. Across the northern border of Himachal Pradesh is another beautiful state, Jammu and Kashmir. It shares its western and south-western border with Punjab. And it is bounded by Uttarakhand and Haryana towards the south-east. Tibet Autonomous Region covers the eastern side of Himachal Pradesh.

The weather from April to June in Himachal Pradesh is extremely pleasant because it is a hilly area. Hence the mentioned span of time is perfect for planning Himachal Pradesh Tours. Sunny days are best in that period to take long walks. Mountaineering, trekking and camping are the three most widely enjoyed activities in himachal pradesh.

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