Kerala reminds one of its enchanting backwaters, deep and silent valleys, grove of coconut trees and extremely abundant variety of flora and fauna. It is situated in the south west region of India along the Malabar Coast. Formed on November 1, 1956, it is also referred to as Keralam, the land of coconuts. The difference in physical features and topography divides it into three distinct regions namely hills and valleys, plains and midlands and finally the coastal region.

Kerala shares its north and north east boundaries with Karnataka, east and south boundaries with Tamil Nadu, while Laccadive Sea lies to its west side. Kerala is divided into 14 states for the administrative purposes and its capital is Thiruvananthapuram. Most romantic places for honeymoon in Kerala that will give a nice kick-start to your married life. Its major cities include Kochi, Kollam, Thrissur and Kozhikode.

Kerala has derived its name from a Malyalam word ‘kera’ which means coconut. Kerala History can be traced back to the Paleolithic age continuing prominently through the Neolithic, Mesolithic and Megalithic ages. Its origin is also linked to a popular legend dating back to the satya yug. According to this legend, kerala emerged from the sea where Lord Parasurama threw his axe. It is also referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ as it is believed that it emerged from the sea by the blessings of Bhumidevi, the Earth Goddess and Varuna, the God of oceans.

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