Literally translating into the ‘Abode of Clouds’, Meghalaya is a state in the Northeastern side of India. This state is known as the “Wettest Region of India” because it receives a high amount of rainfall throughout the year. The major portion of this state is a hilly region and is covered with dense subtropical forests. English is the official language of the state but the other languages like Hindi, Rabha, Garo, and Biate are also spoken in its region.



Previously, this state was a part of Assam but in the year 1972, Garo, Naga, and Jaintia districts were bifurcated from it and formed the state of Meghalaya.
During the British Raj in India, Meghalaya was often called as the ‘Scotland of East’ due to its beautiful surroundings. According to the history, it has been the habitat of the humans since the Neolithic age. The 70% of the land of Meghalaya is covered with forests that provide a shelter to the various animals and birds.

Unlike other states of India, Meghalaya follows a matrilineal system. The property is inherited from the mother to her daughter. A sizable populace of Meghalaya practices agriculture to earn their livelihood because it is an agrarian economy. The crops like corn, potato, banana, pineapple, rice, maize papaya etc. in profusion.

Geography & Temperatures

The state of Meghalaya is entirely mountainous. Its vast meadows are covered with an emerald green carpet of grass that enhances the beauty of this region. Many rivers and other small streams flow through the state of Meghalaya. Most of the rivers are seasonal and are fed by the waters of rains. The important rivers that serve as a chief source of water in the region are Daring, Sanda, Bandra, Bhogai, Dareng, Umiam, Kynshi, Mawpa, Bhupai etc. Not just the as a source of water, these rivers are also enlisted among the tourist attractions in Meghalaya. The climate of Meghalaya is tropical steppe monsoon in nature. Due to such a climate, the temperatures remain pleasant. A major part of the year experiences heavy rainfall with an annual average of 12,000 mm. However, the lower regions of the state experience warm temperatures that shoot up to 28°C during summers.

Meghalaya Tourism

There are different tourist attractions in Meghalaya and visitors visit those places on a large scale. The places like Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Balphakram National Park, Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagmara Sanctuary etc. are visited by nature enthusiasts extensively. The other places that catch the attention of tourists are Elephanta Falls, Mawsynram, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Nongpoh and, Jowai Town etc.

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